Trading Sites
Places to barter and swop online!

General Trading Sites

Yankee Magazine Swops
Best Swop site I've found.

SwapTree. New site for bartering books, CDS, movies and video games.

Trade Away
Very good general bartering site.

Texas Traders
Trade forum for people in Texas.

Coupon Trading Sites

Coupon Trader's Forum
Awesome place I've found to trade coupons

Coupon Chix
Best place I've found to trade coupons.

Kitty Coupons
A Well-organized Coupon Trading Forum

Trade Entertainment Coupons
Trading forum organized by state.

Coupon Trading Ring
Lots of Coupon Trading Sites

Coupon Trading and Selling
New coupon forum.

Coupon's For Trade
A group for trading coupons.

Baby Coupon Traders Group
Join the list to trade baby coupons.

Mommy's Coupon Chain
Baby coupon trading forum.

Gale's Coupon Trading Page
My personal coupon trading page

Deena's Deals
A personal coupon trading blog

DeereWifeAndMamaof2 Trade Page
Personal coupon trading page. Very good trader!

Clipped Coupons
Personal coupon trading page. Had good trades here.

Lindsay's Coupon Trading Page
Personal coupon trading page

Heather's Trading Site
Personal coupon trading page

Sells coupons.

Other Item-specific Trading Sites

Paperback Swap
Book swapping site.

The Garden Web
Has a great seed/plant trading section in the forums. If you like trading seeds you can add a special touch with these free Printable Seed Packets.

Swap Simple
A website for trading textbooks.

Book Trading Links
Long linklist of book-trading sites.

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