Questions about Spanking

Spanking: Some consider it a necessary part of raising a child...others consider it abuse. Does it cause children to learn to use violence, as some have claimed, or can it be a healthy, positive form of discipline?

I've created two polls dealing with these for people who were spanked and another for those who were not. The most interesting results of these polls, to me, were the similarity in some of the answers between those who were spanked, and those who weren't. For instance, the percentage of people who had committed violent crimes has been almost identical among those who were spanked and were not. (This was true when around 200 people had voted in the poll, and when around 300 had voted, and when around 5,000 had voted on the "spanked" poll, and 950 on the "not spanked" poll. It does vary as people vote, but the percentages seem to stay about the same.

You can now view the results two ways: side by side, or separately. A note about comparison: you will notice the order of the polls is out of wack, and many of the questions are un-comparable (Some were not meant to be compared. But, there were some others I originally meant for comparison which I accidently worded differently. This makes comparison very hard. Unfortunately, by the time I realized it, I couldn't change it without tampering with the results of those who had voted. My appologies.)

Side By Side Results

Current Poll Results of People who Were Spanked

Current Poll Results of People Who Were NOT Spanked

If you would like to take one of these polls, follow the links below:

Take this poll if you were SPANKED as a child.

Take this poll if you were NOT SPANKED as a child

In response to my poll, I received a letter from a board certified psychiatrist who shared his experiences with spanking and how children viewed it. I found his letter extremely interesting. It confirmed much of what I had experienced myself in regards to this subject.

A Letter on Spanking

I have also received two letters which I felt I should mention from women who were spanked during puberty by their fathers. They both described the event as being traumatic and invasive, and that it had sexual overtones even though the parent was not intending it that way. I thought it would be important to mention those letters to you.

For more research and articles on both sides of this subject, try Spank With Love Reference Pages. Spank With Love is a site for parents who spank on how to spank correctly. The reference page contains anti-spanking and neutral links as well as pro-spanking links.

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