From the Depths of the Duck Pond

Submitted by Trevor Carpenter

In the spring of 94, on the night before the first set of finals started, May the 5th (Cinco de Mayo to all of us who live close to the border), a group of us known as LSR (or Loser for short) went down as a group to put a ski boat that had been in the parking lot into the duck pond. As a diversion, we sent a freshman to put a box of tide in the hot tub, so the commotion from that would draw our security guards away from us that were trying to drag the boat down the hill. With the "Keystone Cops" out of the way, we were set on the task of pulling this huge ski boat, with its trailer, out of the parking lot, down the hill, and into the pond. Unfortunately, the trailer got out of hand, and we lost control of it. The boat careened down to the pond, hit the bank, and went flying into the pond. Mission accomplished! Or so we thought. We parked the trailer on the side of the hill, and went back to our dorms to get some good deserved rest, before Dr. Shelton's English test the next day.

About an hour late, I recieved a call from a brother in the club, who I think now is a foreign missionary. He said that there was something of a "plug" in the boat that we never checked on, and that someone needed to go check it out. I knew what he was talking about, and knew that if we hadn't put it in, that the boat would sink in to the water. I snuck back out to the pond, and slowly, got into the water, trying not to think of the possible snakes, and other carnivorous creatures that might be lurking at the bottom of what seemed at the time, an endless pit.

As I got to the boat, I noticed that it had already begun to sink. With that in mind I went back to the dorm.

Next morning, we all met as secretly as possible and relished in our conquest. People all over the campus were talking about it, and the owner of the boat was stunned to find his boat was in the duck pond. By noon, it had reached all accross campus...including Dr. Cook's and Dr. Gregory's office. It so happens that another student watched the event, and then reported us in. By the afternoon, we were sitting in the Residence Director's Office, being told that we needed to come-out and confess of our sin. When asked if there were any questions about our action, one guy (I think he is in law school, now), said "So on a scale of one to ten, how does this rank as all time pranks?"

That night a wonerful girl threw a party in honor of the valiant heroes, in which the celebration was called "Cinco de Mayo, Sinko de Boato."

Biased, I know it is...but that is the way I remember it.

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