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The DBU Cafe
A place for students and alumni to chat on a variety of subjects.

The DBU Snipe
Sometimes strange, sometimes insightful, often both--news, commentary, and miscellanea by the DBU Snipe.

DBU E-Cards
Send pictures of DBU or a candlelighting postcard.

The DBU Classifieds
Have a book to sell, tutoring to advertise? You don't need a stamp from Student Life to post it here!

DBUClassified...and More
NO...I'm not being redundant. This is a new site by a DBU student. As well as a classified section it has forums, games, verse of the day, a calendar, and lots of other stuff.

DBU Quotes
Quotes from students, professors, staff and alumni of DBU.
Quotes from Dr. Todd Still, Religion Professor at DBU. (There was enough of these to make a separate page.)

The Williams Embassay
Yes, that's Williams, as in Williams Dorm.

DBU Authors Bookstore. Take a look at books by student, alumni, and faculty authors, as well as those that feature them or their contributions.

DBU Ducks
Pictures of our friends at the duck-pond.

Curfew Oppinion Poll (results)
Survey: Why We REALLY Miss Curfew (results)
Yeah...I know, these are somewhat outdated, since curfew has changed a lot since I went to school at DBU in 1999. Still, keeping them up for general "historic" interest.

Alumni Directories
Places where you can find alumni.

Rate Cal Baptist and its professors at these sites.

Places to buy, sell, and trade new and used textbooks.

89.7 Power FM
An incredible Christian Rock station. If you can't get it where you're at you can listen to it online. Check out their bullitin board for Christian concerts in the Dallas are.

The Official Home Page of DBU
Yeah, I guess I had to have it. :-]

Campus Organizations and Ministries
If you know of any others campus organization/ministry websites, please
e-mail me

Student Organizations and Ministries
Glowing Heart Ministries

Student and Alumni Pages
(Alpahbetical by First Name)


Amanda Parmley
Beau Cox
Bruce Cooper
Cathly Cooksey
Charles Selby
Chris Clayton
David Dorr
David Dueker
David Tran
Diana Djajusman
Diba Bet Daniel
Gale Langley (Farnsworth)
James Dorman
Jaimie Lynn Shaw
John M. Harris
Karen Hardin
Kristi Knox
Lucas Biggs
Miho Norie
Robin Robertson (Shields)
Ron Bush
Ron Cooksey
Suong Truong


Alan Searsy
Angela Manor
Blake Nichols
Brent Tucker
Bruce Miller
Charles A. Bissell
Cheryl Brooks
Craig Erb
Danna Davies. #2
Darlene M. Kowal
Diane Ragsdale
Rev. Eric Doucet
Gail Woody
Guy Moore
Hanny Yasaputra
Karen Muth
Kenneth Scott Mullen
L.S. Wilson
Mark D. Hanby, II
Mark Rush
Mark Washam
Michael Curtis
Richard Cody
Rocky Ahlfinger
Dr. Ronnie Williams
Ryan Mitchell
Scott Harp
Scott Matthews
Scott Mullen
Shanna Lea Roney Dunn
Shannon Wexelberg
Shirley Jones
Tommie Caldwell
W. Howard "Sonny" Conatser
Willie Alexander

Professor/Staff Pages
(Alpahbetical by Last Name)


Dr. Dave Arnott
Dr. Jonathan Kim
Dr. Neal Peterson
Don Rodgers
Dr. John Turner
Brian Strickland


James M. Hess
Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr.
Brandi B. Rodgers
Dr. Harvey Solganick
James D. Underwood

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Papers, Memoirs, and Articles by Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

The Christian College and Adult Education
By Dr. David Naugle

Like Father, Like Son
Article about fatherhood by DBU alumnus Josh Carden

Stories and Articles About DBU

From the Depths of the Duck Pond

DBU Graduation: A Commentary of Sorts

DBU professor offers resources for families in search of peace
Baptist Standard article about Margarita Trevino.

Alumni of Note


DBU alum Todd Lewis is the guitar player for Sycamore http://thewallarecovery.com/dev/
With band member alum Zack Smith.

The Daymakers
JT and JD Long's music group in Taiwan.

Christian band with guitar player Preston Martinez (DBU alum)

Shannon Wexelberg
Singer and DBU alum

Larry Petty
Pianist and DBU alum. Also see band members page.

Political Candidates and Officeholders

Ron Bush: Congressional Candidate (2002)


Shanna Lea Roney Dunn
Hear DBU alum Shanna Dunn on the Weekly Morning Show at 89.7 Power FM weekdays, 6:00 - 10:00 am.

Insert Laughter Here
Aaron and Cole from this comedy album go to Dallas Baptist University.

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