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Hello! Here's my current wishlist. If you have something I need please e-mail me at with your wishlist and I'll see if I have something to trade. I will glady take coupons printed off the internet .

*** means I have enough for now.


Juicy Juice

Angel Soft Tissues


Aussies Shampoo***
Bed Head Products
Nioxin Shampoo/Conditioner
Healing Garden Products


Arizona Drinks
Barber Frozen Food (specifically Chicken Cordon Bleu or Kiev)
Basic 4
Bagels (any)
Bird's Eye
Bread (any wheat)
Captain's Cut (by High Liner)
Cheese (almost any shredded or sliced cheese)
Chicken nuggets/strips (any brnad - frozen)
Country Crock Butter
Cranbury Almond Crunch Cereal
Digiorno Pizza***
Freschetta Pizza***
Fruit and Fiber
Grape Nuts
High Liner products
Juicy Juice
Kellogs Crunch (Cran-Vanilla)
Kellogs Shredded Whaet (Strawberry)
Kraft Cheese Slices
Krustese Waffle Mix
Land O' Frost Deli Meat
Ocean Spray
Marie Callendars Frozen Meals***
Mac-a-roni and Cheese (Kraft)
Mission Tortilla chips
Mrs. Butterworths Pancakes
Post or General Mills cereal coupons ($1/2 or better)
Pasta Roni
Pepsi (not Diet)
Sargentos Cheese
Stouffers Frozen Dinners (any exp after 9/30/06)
V8 Splash or Fusion***
Welches Concentrate (grape juice - the purple kind)
Whole Fruit Sorbet
Various Other Juices (ask me)
Yogurt (no smoothies or drinks)


All Detergent
Angel Soft Toilet Paper
Bleach (regular and color-safe)
Cascade Regular or Cascade Complete
Clorox Bleach Pen or Pen Refils
Glad Force Flex Trash Bags
Spray and Wash Dual Power
Scrubbing Bubbles FREES

Back Yard Burgers
Chick File
Fazolis Pizza
Taco Bell
Olive Garden
On the Border
Panda Express
Summer Palace
Waco Area Restaurants
Possibly Other Restaurants (ask me)


Ask me about any Waco area coupons, including HEB coupons and frequent shopper cards (you know, the kind that they punch every time you buy something and if you get so many punches you get something free). I am especially looking for the following.
Backyard Burger Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Late Expirations)
Summer Palace
HEB Coupons


Size 3T pants (especially jeans). Used is fine. I'll even take minor stains depending on the trade.
24 mo Puppy dog costume
Sweatshirt and pant, PJs or other plain colored brown or white clothing (tops and bottoms) to make into puppy dog costume (24 months).
Refrigerator Magnets
House-mouse Items
Mary Englebreit Stationary, Cards or Stickers
Elephant or airplane kids items
Baby/toddler/children's socks (for 2 year old child and bigger - plain white or boys colors)
Thomas/Brio toys or other items
Celtic stuff (music, knotwork jewlery, stationary, website graphics)
Frequest shopper cards with several punches for various chains
Store cards with a balance.
Un-used Stamps
Used Stamps (not something I would trade exclusively for, but nice as an extra)

I have two boys, one three years old and the other almost two. I'd love creative suggestions. I like various craft items, soaps, beads, etc.
Advertising for just about any of my websites
(Online or offline--Text links, banner or button advertising. If you live in California or Texas I'd even accept writing on the sidewalk with chalk or on the beach in the sand)

E-mail me at

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