Cal Baptist Poetry

Alma Mater

by Shane Anderson

CBU standing true,
I'm so blue since I left CBU.
No more books, no more class,
no more Fortuna idols to pass.
No more loans, no more cold fries,
can't look forward to chef suprise.
Its been too long, we miss you so,
but we are glad that now we can go,
Into the world to find carrers,
to pay our loans for the next 20 years.
Of all the places where my debt has acrewed,
it'll always have a place for thee DUDE. Its CBU!!!

Ode To CBC
by Kathy Waddle

Oh CBC, Oh CBC what can I say?
You were fun in lots of ways.
Wanda's Place with food to eat;
It was not the cafe and quite a treat.
The Bookstore where we spent our money;
To look groovy and sometimes funny.
Midnight breakfasts at 7 o'clock;
What's up with that? I am in shock!
Blue Crew to help you cheer for the Lancers;
With paint on our faces a lot like dancers.
Yule, Spring Banquet, TWIRP week oh cool;
Octoberfest and other stuff to make a great school.
We will never forget the blue and the white that made us smile;
In our hearts we will hold you dear for a very long while.

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