Here are some Backgrounds created from this artwork. I put
the graphic of the lady reading in the first two because
I thought she goes very well on that background.

Background 3


Webset Information

This webset was inspired by the painting Berengaria's Alarm by Pre-Rapehalite artist Charles Allston Collins.

The background color on this page is e7c887.

The font for the text buttons is Deutch Gothic. The font color is 572727.

The lines below the Welcome header, and below the text buttons and reading woman, are not a single graphic. They are made with a table with the tags height="12" and border="0" and the following image for the background: . This allows for the line to grow or shrink according to the size of the browser window.

The Welcome graphic and all of the other graphics are positioned using tables. Go Here to see these tables with borders to get a feel for how the layout is set up. You can also right click and view the page source to see how these are coded. Of course, you will probably want to use your own layout to best fit your content, and you are welcomed to alter these graphics to fit your needs.

To download these images, rightclick and choose "save image." All images are free to use on any sites...with one exception: I prefer that these images NOT be used on sites containing pornography. I do not require a link back, though I would certianly appreciate one. You can use a text link, the logo at the bottom of this page, or any of the logos on Windhaven Web Art to link back to our site. I do ask that you let me know about the site where you are going to use these graphics by posting a link in my guestbook, or e-mailing me at I enjoy seeing how people use the grapics I create.

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