Seamless Backgrounds

Click on the links by the pictures to see the background inspired by that work.
Inspired by an Arthur Rackham Painting

Large Fairies
Small Fairies

Inspired by an Arthur Rackham Painting

Undine - Full Color
Undine - Misty Grey
Undine - Pen and Ink
Undine - Woodcut

Inspired by Hokusai Katsushika's "Red Fuji"


Inspired by Alphonse Mucha's "Winter"

Snow Lady
Snow 1
Snow 2

Inspired by the Painting "Berengarias Alarm" by Charles Allston Collins.

Diagonal Stripes
Colored Stones
Woven Cloth

Background images are free to use on any sites...with one exception: I prefer that these images NOT be used on sites containing pornography. I do not require a link back EXCEPT on graphic collection pages (the link should be displayed next to the graphic when used in collections). Also, please let me know about the site where you are going to use these graphics by posting a link in my guestbook, or e-mailing me at

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